Is Wild Game Meat Good for You? See Now!

Is Wild Game Meat Good for You?

Is wild game meat good for you?

Find out if your favorite wild game meat is good for you by checking out this handy chart from Wide Open Spaces.

There are so many diet and fitness crazes out there that you’d be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t guarantee lifelong health and tons of weight loss. Well, we here at MorningMoss like to stick to the ‘Au Natural plan, the one that people have been doing for years, and it’s got a lot of wild animals in it. Check out the nutritional value of your favorite game animals¬†we found at Wide Open Spaces.¬†

Nutritional Value of Wild Game

While we certainly love to enjoy cold beer, pizza, hot dogs and ice cream, much of an outdoorsman’s diet consists on the wild game that they harvest throughout the year. Whether this be deer, elk, fish, small game or any other wild animal, you can bet that the organic meat that they give you is going to be better than meat found in a store from a large farm.

Is Venison Good for You?

Check out the chart above and see the nutritional value of wild game that you hunt and then answer the question yourself, is wild game meat good for you? We say yes!

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