No Need for Expensive Game Calls with the iHunt Calls by Ruger App

iHunt Calls by Ruger App Review

iHunt Calls by Ruger

The iHunt Calls by Ruger App allows you access to hunting info and hundreds of game calls.

What if there was a way to predator hunt, turkey hunt, elk hunt and call for these animals with one device that you can put in your pocket? It’d be really convenient right? Well, now there is with the iHunt Calls by Ruger App. This app allows you to access hundreds of game calls from different animals on your phone and connect it to a Bluetooth speaker so that you easily call these animals while hunting. You can save hundreds of dollars with this $5.99 app, instead of spending it on an expensive game call. 

Coyote Calling App

Using an app as a game call has some huge advantages. First of all, there is no need to cart around much besides your phone and a speaker. iHunt Calls sells one for $59.99 here, but you can use many different types of Bluetooth speakers. You’re also able to play the sounds as long as you’d like and as many times as you need, all from your phone.

Game Calling App

Simply set up the speaker, press play on your phone and put your phone down to be ready to shoot. Only use this call if legal in your area and you will never run out of sounds with the infinite playlist.

The iHunt app also gives you access to share your trophy kills with friends, check out solunar tables and access tons of other great information.

You can download the iHunt Calls by Ruger App here and you can purchase the waterproof speaker that they sell here.

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