Keep Your Phone Charged up with No Electricity with this Portable Rechargeable Battery Pack

ibattz Rechargeable Battstation Optimus Review

ibattz rechargeable Batter Pack Review

The ibattz Rechargeable Battstation Optimus Review shows that this charger is a good choice for hunting, fishing and camping trips.

Camping, hiking and many other outdoor activities take us to some awesome places. Great scenery, few people and no power outlets. While many times we see this as a good thing, sometimes, it is important to have some power in case of emergencies. Running out of battery on your phone can leave you with some issues, but the ibattz Rechargeable Battstation Optimus will allow you to keep your phone charged and has an emergency flashlight built in.

ibattz Rechargeable Battery Pack

The ibattz Rechargeable Battstation Optimus is built from a 20400mAh high-capacity battery. This doesn’t mean anything to us, except that it is the same cell that powers electric cars, so it’s pretty powerful. It can charge a smartphone up to 8 times with only one charge on the battery pack. This gives you enough power easily for a week of camping with no worries about your phone dying.

Cordless Phone Charger for Camping

This battery is really light and portable so it won’t weigh down your pack and it even includes an emergency light should you find yourself in a sticky situation where you may need some extra safety. If you have friends along on your trips and they need some juice, no sweat. The Battstation has 2 USB ports so that you can charge two devices at one time.

Phone Charger Power Pack

Being in the outdoors not connected to anything is great and I recommend it to anyone, but sometimes, safety is more important. Be sure to pick up the ibattz Rechargeable Battstation Optimus for your next trip or for weekend getaways where you may need some power and there are no outlets.

ibattz Phone Charger Power Pack

You can purchase the ibattz Optimus on their website or on Amazon here for $129.

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