Hydrapak SOFTFLASK Keeps you Hydrated in any Terrain

Hydrapak SOFTFLASK Review

Hydrapak SoftFlask Review

The Hydrapak SoftFlask Review shows that this is a great gift for hunters and hikers.

Water is essential in any sort of outdoor activity and when you’re on a hunt and need to save some space and stay hydrated, then the Hydrapak SoftFlask is a great tool for the job. 

Not only is the Hydrapak SoftFlask easy to store and cary, but it also has a wide mouth that the top so that you can easily fill it with your water systems or from a nearby stream. While not being used, the Softflask can be smushed down and stored in any pack taking up virtually no space.

The SoftFlask has a molded top and bottom that is secure so it wont leak in your pack at all. It was welded to hold all of the water in and is very, very strong and flexible.

Check out the Hydrapak SoftFlask on their website here for $20 or on Amazon here. 

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