Remember Hunting Fundamentals for the Rut Chaos

Hunting Fundamentals for the Rut

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Don’t forget your fundamental hunting skills during the chaotic rut hunting season.

The rut is a great time of year. It’s the best time to get out and deer hunt and offers most hunters their best chance to kill a big buck. The rut makes deer go insane, but sometimes, we as hunters can too. Make sure that you’re prepared and ready for the kill shot during the best time for hunting.


Even though everything around you seems to be moving at mach speed, that does not mean you have to be too. Moving around too fast because you are anxious to get in a stand can lead to you spooking deer. Walking in to a stand a way you would not normally do so can leave unwanted scent behind for deer to pick up. As most of you know, once you get winded in a heavily pressured area you might as well kiss your hunt goodbye. Also make sure you do not sit in a stand where the wind is not right. While the buck you’re after might be there, if you hunt it at the wrong time the chances of you seeing him again are slim to none.

Remember Fundamentals

I hear so many “horror” stories during the rut about people who get all jacked up once they see a good buck but end up blowing it because they forget the fundamentals. Hunting is no different than other sports, where if you stick with what you know and what works, you’re going to be successful. Calling is probably one of the most commonly made mistakes in the deer woods. First things first, you need to recognize the area you’re hunting in. If it’s a heavily pressured area it doesn’t even pay to call until you see the deer you’re trying to lure in. Over calling at a deer will only let him know that something fishy is up and he will simply avoid the area. If a buck is looking in your direction DO NOT CALL AT HIM! A buck can pin point the location of a noise up to a couple of feet and this will surely get you busted. Calling can work, but deer on heavily hunted areas hear it a lot, so I’d refrain.

I feel like I could write a novel about stuff like this because these points are really important and are often forgotten by hunters. This year, remember to stay focused. Relax and remember the basic skills that you need to kill your biggest buck to date.

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