Keep a Journal for More Hunting & Fishing Success

Hunting and Fishing Journals Increase Success

Hunting Fishing Journal

Keeping a hunting, fishing and outdoor journal can increase the success rate for you by better keeping track of patterns, temperature and more information vital to a great hunt.

Keeping records in everyday life activities is a great way to learn and improve. In the outdoor world this is no different. In order to maximize your potential you need to be able to observe data and be able to use that data to help you with future success. My hunting and fishing journals have proved invaluable over the years and I believe that everyone can benefit from keeping a hunting and fishing journal of their own.

Successful Hunting Journal Techniques

When it comes to hunting and being successful a journal is a must for me. I need to analyze information from each hunt and scouting trip in order to be successful in future years. I record plenty of information including where rub lines and scrapes are, location of bedding areas and even where I find sheds. Highlighting aerial maps also plays a big part in my outdoor journal because I can simply use the GPS coordinates to show exactly where everything is.

Each hunt also requires information to be written down so that I can keep track of patterns of animal movement, temperature, wind direction and on what days I see deer in certain areas. This has shown me times of the rut that are better than others to hunt and also when rut patterns in my area begin and end.

Rub Line

Rub lines and where scrapes are at are important pieces of information to include in your hunting journal

Record as much as you can because it is easier to omit information that it is trying to recall information for past experiences. Things such as temperature, wind, conditions, moon phase, and date should be recorded in every entry. I even go so far as to coordinate trail camera pictures with days of deer seen and relate patterns with this.

Fishing Journal Techniques

When it comes to fishing some key things to keep an eye on are structures in the body of water that you are fishing. Writing down these hot spots with GPS coordinates are a sure way  to make sure that you come back to the same location every time. It is easy to be off by a small distance and then become puzzled at why you are not catching/marking the fish like you were previously.

While most GPS systems in boats are able to mark structure, spot and depth, keep a written journal as well. It can help your memory to write things down and will reinforce what worked and what didn’t in your mind.


Keeping an outdoor hunting and fishing journal has given me many benefits and could very well put some of the biggest animals of your life in your trophy room.

Let us know how you feel about outdoor journals and other hunting and fishing news in the U.S.

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