Huge Lake Trout Caught on Clear Ice – Video

Huge Lake Trout Caught on Clear Ice – Video

Giant lake trout caught on the Great Lakes through the ice is one of the best winter activities that you can do. Not only do these fish fight hard, but you have to catch them incredibly deep, so you have a long, long fight. This giant lake trout was caught through the ice on Lake Superior where the ice-fishermen were 20 miles out on the lake. Check out their reaction when they first see the fish through the clear ice.

Lake Superior Lake Trout Ice Fishing

This Lake Trout was over 40 inches long and got put right back into the big lake after he unhooked it. What a fish and what a fight. These guys were really excited to land this fish and pulled it up right through the hole by the tail.

Giant Lake Trout Caught Through Ice

Congratulations to these fishermen on a great catch.

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