How to Use your Christmas Tree for Better Fishing

How to Use your Christmas Tree for Better Fishing

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Donate your old christmas tree to your local fish and wildlife service to be used for fish habitat

Christmas season is great, but┬áhave you ever thought about all of the trees that get cut down for this holiday? We’re not playing the grinch here, but we are going to help give you an idea on how to recycle your Christmas tree for better fishing. We figured between all the wrapping paper and trees in people’s living rooms, it’s the least we could do. Plus, you’re going to catch more fish come spring.

Christmas Trees for Fish Structure

There are many US Fish and Wildlife departments across the country that accepted old Christmas trees to use as habitat for fish. Also, where legal, you can dump your own trees through the ice to aid in fish habitat that they’ll use all spring and summer. Most wildlife officials attach a cinder block or heavy object to the tree and them submerge it under water where fish can use it.

Dump Christmas Trees in Lakes

These trees will be great cover for small fish species that will attract big fish to eat them. Even in winter, these trees will be a great addition to the structure that these fish need to hide from predator fish, which you can then target to catch.

Christmas Trees Used as Fish Habitat

Contact your local natural resources department to find out if you can donate your old Christmas tree, or, dump it in a body of water yourself where legal.
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