How to Make Your Fishing by the Bay a Memorable One

Bay fishing is catching fish in calmer waters where you can access the bay by boat, kayak, shore, and bridge, or even from the dock. You can catch different species of fish all year round but there are certain species which are only present during a particular season. More often than not, a medium-sized spinning reel will get you covered, with natural baits like live shrimp, bull minnows, or fiddler crabs, with the latter considered as the most popular natural bait.

Aside from this, you also need lures and rigs to enhance your chances of getting bites and eventually catching the fish. In this case, the fish finder rig is our favorite because it works quite well for different sizes of fish, even for large, predatory fish such as redfish or tarpon. It is even suitable for a wide variety of surf fishing conditions. Once you have all the equipment you need ready, the next part is ensuring that you enjoy your fishing by the bay, making it a memorable one.

Plan Ahead

For sure you would want to remember good memories instead of otherwise. To reduce the risk of any mishaps on your fishing trip, make sure to plan ahead. Thereby, pick the right spot, not only on the waters that you will delve into but also on the overall area, particularly if you intend to go on camping. Also decide on the species that you want to target beforehand because not only will this guide you to prepare the right equipment, but it will also help you in managing your expectations.

Go With Your Family or Friends

There are people who love to go fishing alone as it is through this that they are able to relax and calm their minds from the daily stress that they are experiencing. However, your fishing by the bay trip will be more memorable if you spend it with the people you love and care the most such as your family and friends. If you are camping, you can set up camp together, just enjoying the bountiful beauty of nature together before heading out and looking for your catch.

Get on the Water

Finally, don’t be afraid to get on the water because this adds to your experience. You may not have the best catch on the sidelines, or even on the dock. In this case, you need to rent a boat, or better yet, invite a friend with a boat so that you can get in the water and have a good chance of bringing home a trophy catch.

To wrap things up, you can make fishing definitely memorable by planning ahead and picking the right spot or aiming for a certain fish species to target. While there are some people who opt to fish alone, basking in their solitude, you can make memories with your friends and family through fishing by the bay. Don’t hold back and get on the water to ensure that you get a good catch, but the important thing is for you to enjoy the experience. In this way, your fishing memories are for keeps.

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