DIY: How to Make Your Own Deer Hunting Cover Scent

How to Make Deer Hunting Cover Scent

make deer hunting scent

Learning how to make your own deer hunting cover scent is a great way to save money and smell like your surroundings.

Deer hunting cover scent is something that many of us as hunters use. We can debate the effectiveness of it up and down, but it’s certainly not going to hurt your hunt. There are plenty of commercial scents out there, but many of these are not going to be accurate to the time or year or location. You can get the best scent by having it smell like your region, plus, you can save some money by making your own deer hunting cover scent

Step 1

Go outside and collect a bunch or native vegetation and put it in a big pot of water. I like to use an outdoor turkey fryer that I can boil this with. Pine and plants that give off an aroma are the best since they’ll smell the most. Cedar is another great option. You can also add in grasses, leaves and a little bit of soil or nuts that are available.

Make Hunting Scent

Don’t let this guy smell you this season, make your own deer hunting cover scent.

Step 2

Start boiling the water. You should boil and let it simmer for 20-30 minutes. The longer you can boil this, the better the aroma, but you can overdo it and vaporize the aroma. Don’t dilute the scent too much with too much water, but make sure you have enough for a good batch.

Step 3

Drain your scent through a piece of cloth, fine net or even an old window screen. You can to be sure to remove chunks of leaves and particles that are in there. Cool the scent spray down and put it in a spray bottle. Now, you’re all set with your very own scent eliminating spray that didn’t cost you any money and will smell like your hunting area.

Making your own deer hunting cover scent is a great way to ensure that you smell like your surroundings and save some money. Try this out this fall and see if you can bag a big buck with your own cover scent.

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