How to Hunt Deer With an AR-15

How to Hunt Deer With an AR-15

how to deer hunt with an ar 15

Deer hunting with an AR-15 is a possibility and if you follow these steps you can learn how.

Although the AR-15 is widely used in military and police applications, it is suitable for civilians who would like to increase their hunting prowess with greater firepower. Not only does the AR-15 provide greater accuracy and stability than comparable firearms, but it’s a rather familiar and accessible gun that can be enjoyed by hunters of all ages.

Types of Ammunition

The type of ammunition you choose is dependent on the type of game you’re after. If you’re solely hunting deer, a caliber like the .223 is a great option, but it lacks the punch that is desired by some hunters.

Apart from hunting deer, some also target larger game such as bear or elk. In this case, a larger, big bore ammunition is typically preferred. To accommodate this, the AR-15 can be configured to accept .450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf bullets. Although these were originally invented for military use, hunters have had great success taking down large game with them.

In either case, a headshot is preferred if you plan on eating the meat afterward, but some areas have restrictions on certain ammunition. The .223 caliber, for example, is outlawed in some states and communities due it’s relatively small size and low impact. Always check hunting regulations in your community before heading out into the woods.

Other suitable options include the 6.8 Remington and the 6.8 Remington SPC. This ammunition is great when a .22 or .223 is too small but you can’t justify stepping up to military-grade firepower.

Barrel Twist

The barrel twist of a firearm refers to the degree of the interior rifling of the gun’s barrel. As rifling is done to increase bullet spin and, as a result, both speed and accuracy, twist is an especially important metric when configuring your AR-15 for hunting purposes.

If you’re exclusively targeting small game, a twist rate of 1:10 or even 1:12 is suitable. For larger game, or to accommodate a wider range of ammunition in general, you might consider an AR-15 with a twist rate of 1:9 or 1:8. If you’re setting your targets on the largest animals in the forest, a twist of 1:7 might be your best option.

Comfort and Safety

Many hunters opt for the AR-15 due to its comfort, safety and accessibility. The majority of today’s military veterans are well-versed in the AR-15, so they feel comfortable adapting it to the sport of hunting. Older individuals are also comfortable with the firearm, too, as it features an incredibly low recoil for a gun of its size.

Making the Case for the AR-15

Despite the popularity and usability of the AR-15, it still catches a lot of flak from those who are vying for stricter gun laws. Given the gun’s effectiveness in the field and its relatively affordable price tag, it’s safe to say that the AR-15 isn’t disappearing from the civilian consumer market anytime soon.

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