Gut a Rabbit without a Knife- VIDEO

Gut a Rabbit without a Knife- VIDEO

So I have to say, I’ve never seen anything like this before, never even heard of it. I’ve only been rabbit hunting a few times, although I’d like to do it more, but we just cleaned them the old fashioned way. This guy in the video shows you how to shake a rabbit and push it’s guts basically out of it’s ass. While it is a little gross, it’s a lot cleaner than with a knife. See how to gut a rabbit without a knife in this video.

How to Gut a Rabbit without a Knife

While this may be kind of disturbing to some people, it’s really an effective way to gut the rabbit cleanly. All you need to do now is skin it and you’ve got a really good meal. Does anyone else have any interesting ways on how to gut or clean animals in a non-traditional way?

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