Fish a Swim Jig to Catch More Bass

How to Fish a Swim Jig for Bass

There are tons of fishing methods out there for bass and many of these involve fishing with a craw fish type trailer, but one method that routinely gets overlooked is the swim jig. If you can learn how to fish a swim jig for bass, you’ll have a leg up on the other fisherman in your lake and will boat more big largemouths this summer. 

While many fisherman are used to using techniques such as bottom-hopping, pitching or flipping jigs, the swim jig is a little less known and a lot more unconventional. The usual methods call for a common “drop and hop” technique where the jig is bounced off of the bottom, but the swim jig has a swimming retrieve.

The swim jig can and should be modified to see what works best on different days. This can be done with a straight swimming approach, a stop and go retrieve and a fall and rise/stop-go retrieve. All have their place and all will bring in the bass to bite.

While most bass fisherman don’t typically use this simple, yet effective retrieve, it can really help out to mix things up. Give it a shot this summer when you’re looking to land some more bass and check out the video to see some tips from bass pro Casey Martin as he discusses how to fish the swim jig for bass. 

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