How to Create Buck Beds and Steer Deer on Your Property

How to Create Buck Beds and Steer Deer on Your Property

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. Many of you that dream of hunting whitetails 24/7 are shooting your bows, checking out the latest hunting gear and thinking about where to put your stands this fall, but what about how to manage travel routes for deer on your properties? Most of us hunt small parcels or public land and those who have access to manage their land can improve their hunting easily by creating buck beds and steering deer

Improve Deer Habitat on your Property

Creating buck beds and steering deer on your property is important and may not be as tough as you think. In many cases, all you really need is a chain saw. The guys from Whitetail Properties have released a series of videos that show many tips and tricks on how to improve your deer habitat like the one above on advanced hinge cutting.

Create Deer Bedding

Learning how to create big buck beds and travel routes for hunting will improve your chances at killing bigger bucks this fall.

How to Create Deer Bedding

If you follow the blue print that the guys from Whitetail Properties have laid out, I’m thinking that you’ll have some pretty good success.

Improve Your Hunting Property

It is never too late to try to improve the deer habitat and doing it now will help the undergrowth get nice and thick this summer, just in time for fall. Making sure the deer have good beds on your property will keep them there longer and closer, which gives you a better chance to kill a big buck this fall.

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