How to Cook a Better Venison Tenderloin- Video

How to Cook a Better Venison Tenderloin- Video

Cooking venison correctly is one of the best ways to share your hunt and get new hunters in the field wanting some of this tasty meat. While grilling, baking and frying is a great way to cook meat, one of the newest and some of the tastiest meat I’ve had has been cooked with hot water on a sous-vide cooker. You can get the perfect meat temperature all throughout the meat. Watch this video from Chef Steps and read below on how to cook a better venison tenderloin.

Pre-searing the tenderloin before putting it in the sous-vide is a great way of cooking venison. Most people do it after, but if you do it first you get more of a flavor in the meat.

Try your next tenderloin this way and let us know if you have any other ideas on how to cook venison.

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