How to Combine Camping with Hunting

How to Combine Camping with Hunting

For outdoor lovers, camping and hunting are two of the most popular activities. However, when you have an open weekend, it can be hard to pick what to do – do you want to go on a hunting day trip, or do you want to go camping?

Luckily, you can combine the two, which means that you don’t have to pick! Many hunting places allow overnight hunting trips, meaning you can pitch a tent and have the best of both worlds. However, keep in mind that you will need to adequately prepare for both of these things, so continue reading to find out how.


Most holidays require some kind of research, but even more so when you want to combine camping with hunting. Firstly, you will have to find a place that allows overnight hunting trips. Then you’ll need to make sure that you are allowed to camp there – some places only allow you to stay in their accommodation.

You will also need to read up about which animals you are allowed to hunt. If you’re new to camping, hunting, or both, you may also find it helpful to do some research about what you can expect. Have a look at sites such as Techie Camper to get more information.

Choose the right time

All hunters know that part of a successful hunt is going at the right time. This means that you will need to wait until it’s hunting season.

When it comes to camping, your timing is perhaps even more important. You don’t want it to be too cold, because you will be freezing at night. Yet at the same time, if it’s too hot, you might feel too drained to go hunting during the day. The key is to find a nice in-between, where it’s not too extreme either way.

Bring enough food

If you regularly go hunting, you likely know that it’s a good idea to bring a few snacks and drinks with you. While you should certainly still do this while combining camping and hunting, you will also need to have enough food to make proper meals.

Most people barbeque their meals while camping, so it’s a good idea to bring simple food that doesn’t require fancy equipment to make it. If you’ll only be camping for a short while and don’t want to lug a freezer along, have a look at these camping foods that don’t require refrigeration.

Pack the right clothing

If you’re new to either hunting or camping, you may think that any clothing will suffice. That’s not the case. For hunting, you need to wear clothing that will blend into your surroundings – khaki, beige, camo, and shades of brown are the colors you should opt for. You should also wear lightweight clothing with long sleeves and long pants to protect you from both the sun and bugs.

When you camp as well as hunt, it’s important that you pack thick, warm clothing for the evenings, as well as comfortable and cool clothing for the periods where you might not be hunting during the day.

Go with friends

Now and then, a solo camping trip is much needed. But if you’ll be hunting as well, it’s always a good idea to have people go with you, in case you get caught in a dangerous situation. Besides, these things are often more fun when you have friends to share the experience with. While you may be hunting during the day, there’s not much to do at night when you’re camping, especially when you’re alone. But when your friends are there, you can tell ghost stories or play some camping games.


It’s always a good idea to go for a trial run before you decide to commit to a combined hunting and camping trip. If you haven’t hunted or camped, do those two things separately first, to make sure that you enjoy them. You should also practice your shooting if you’re new to hunting, and pitching your tent if you’re new to camping. On top of that, try going away for a weekend trip where you do both before booking a longer trip, to make sure that you like it.

Prepare for the camping aspect

The key to successfully combining camping and hunting is to make sure that you are prepared for both. This means that you should treat this camping trip as you would any other camping trip. Make sure that you have everything you could possibly need.

Of course, one of the most important things to bring when camping is a proper tent. If you’ve never camped, and you’re used to hunting during the day or living in accommodation while hunting, you may want to do some research and look at a few different tents before you make up your mind. Have a look at this two-person tent review to see if it’s something that can work for you.

Prepare for the hunting aspect

You’ve probably guessed that, if you need to prepare for the camping aspect, you also need to prepare for the hunting aspect. Make a list of everything you’d normally take on a hunting trip, and make sure that you have all of that. It might be slightly tricky to fit it all in along with your camping gear, so you may need to consider hiring a trailer.


Most hunting takes place during the day. However, camping takes place throughout both the day and night, meaning you will need proper lighting. This is especially important if you will be hunting and camping in an area where there are dangerous animals.

We recommend using two types of lights. The first kind should be permanent lights, such as big lamps or lanterns, that you can use to light your campsite and make it easier for you to make food. The second kind should be a portable light, such as a flashlight, and this should be used whenever you are walking around – like when you go to the bathroom – or if you think you hear something so that you can just scan the area with the light to confirm what is happening.

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