How to Butcher a Wild Turkey Video

How to Butcher a Wild Turkey Video

Wild turkey hunting season is here and in Wisconsin, many hunters will be hitting the woods for the first season. Hopefully, you’ll be successful and will be able to put a big tom on the ground and if you do, you have to know what to do with it. This great video from ScoutlookWeather shows a great way to skin and how to butcher a wild turkey. This is how I clean my birds and while it’s not the only way, it’s a good one that gets you all of the meat.¬†

How to Skin and Butcher a Wild Turkey

There are more than one way to butcher a wild turkey. Plucking, breasting and more preserve the whole bird and each hunter has their own method. I love the taste of wild turkey and hope to have one on the ground this weekend!

Easiest Way to Butcher a Wild Turkey

Read here to see some tasty wild turkey recipes.

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