Hogs Exploded by Tannerite-VIDEO

Hogs Exploded by Tannerite-VIDEO

Feral hogs are a major problem in some states, especially in the south. Zero or liberal bag limits help to kill many of these pigs that destroy the land, but it seems like even hunting can not keep up with the animals. The amount of damage that these pigs can do is insane, and one man decided to take getting rid of them a step further… with the use of Tannerite to blow them up. These 9 hogs didn’t make it past the feeding bin once this bomb went off.

Pigs Get Blown Up at Bait Station

For the record, I do not condone nor approve of animals being killed for no reason. I think that hunting means that you keep and eat the meat, or at least something of the animal. That being said, I know that these pigs pose a real problem to many people. They taste amazing though.

Wild Hogs Exploded on Video

What do you think of this controversial “hunt”. I wouldn’t really call it hunting but I’d love to hear your opinions on whether or not you agree with this massacre?

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