HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin Review

HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin Review

HHA Single Pin Sight Review

This sight is definitely one of the best hunting bow sights on the market and is made by a quality company out of Wisconsin.

Bow sights are a lot like scopes on a rifle, it’d be foolish to buy a nice bow (or gun) and not put a quality sight on it. Luckily, for those of us that want the best bow sights available, there is the HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin. The number one selling single pin mover sight on the market is better than ever and is completely decked out with tons of features that you can not find anywhere else. The quality in this bow sight is unbelievable and will make you a much better shooter. Check out all the details on the HHA website and the full review below.

HHA Single Pin Sight Review

I’ve been shooting HHA sights since I started bow hunting and have always been very impressed with the ease of use to sight them in and how bright they are. I’ve never used the lights on them but have never had a problem seeing an animal or the pin through an HHA. The HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin is by far the brightest sight from HHA that I’ve ever shot and it was really easy to install and sight in. Once it’s mounted to the bow, you need no more tools so you’ll never have to worry about carrying wrenches into the field.

Optimizer Lite King Pin Review

HHA Sight Review

The HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin sets up quickly and adjusts to yardages up to 100 yards.

The Optimizer Lite King Pin is the third generation of the #1 selling single pin sight. Shooting a single pin has many benefits, but target shooters and hunters alike love the fact that you only have to worry about one pin and not being confused. Having one pin is beneficial since it’s brighter, and allows you to completely focus on the target.

HHA Optimizer Bow Sight

The Optimizer Lite King Pin sighted in on my Mathews No Cam HTR very quick. The sight boasts that it can be sighted in at 20 and 60 yards and you’re dialed in “to the yard” out to 100 and it’s true. This worked tremendously and it took less than 20 minutes. The wheel on the sight is incredibly fluid and easy to move to your desired range and I know that when a deer walks in this fall, it’ll be quick and simple to adjust on the fly, something that is very important to hunters.

HHA King Pin Bow Sight Review

There are a whole bunch of other specs on this sight like the 6 feet of fiber optic and the 2-inch sight housing, but what you really need to know is this sight is bright, accurate and easy to use. As a hunter, having a sight that will allow you to shoot accurately and quickly in tough situations is important and the Optimizer Lite King Pin is going to give you everything you need.

Best Single Pin Bow Sight

Target shooters will love how accurately you can dial this bow in. There’s a reason that it’s the number one selling sight on the marketing and that’s because it’s the best. Archers can get consistent shots in the bull’s-eye with this thing and not worry about having to re-adjust or it getting loose.

Best Hunting Bow Sight

Made in Wisconsin, HHA has been a proud supporter of local archery shops which is where you can purchase your HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin sight. The company has always put small businesses first and have some of the best people you’ll ever meet in the outdoor industry working for them. The Optimizer Lite King Pin retails at $380 and are carried by many local bow shops. If you would like to purchase it online, you can buy it on Amazon here. 

HHA Sight Reviews

HHA has a great social media following and regularly posts tips and videos on their Facebook page and their website.  You can check out everything from how to sight in your bow to the latest news from HHA.

Hunting Bow Sight Reviews

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