Helicopter Hog Hunting VIDEO

Helicopter Hog Hunting VIDEO

I’ve never done this, but I want to. For the record, I don’t believe in killing for no reason and I hope that these guys at least ate or donated the pork, but this really is a bad ass hunt. Wild hogs are an issue in many states, plain and simple. While hunters are here to manage populations, it’s tough with the reproductive success that these pigs have. Therefore, extreme hunts are available and the guys over at HeliHunter are some of the best. Click through to watch even more video of this hog hunt from a helicopter. 

Hog Hunting from a Helicopter

This video shows just how many pigs a hunter can get when he’s 100 or more feet in the air with an assault rifle. These animals just don’t have a chance. I would not ever advocate for this to be a legal means for any other animal, but in instances with these hogs it’s necessary since they’re destroying so much.

HeliHunter Hog Hunting Helicopter

Anyway, check out the video, you can start at :40 seconds in, let us know what you think about hog hunting from a helicopter and come back to MorningMoss.com daily for more extreme hunting videos. 

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