Grill the Perfect Venison Steak

How to Grill the Perfect Venison Steak

How to Cook Venison Steak

These 5 tips on how to cook the perfect venison steak will help you become the best chef at this summer’s barbecues.

Now that Memorial day has come and gone we can (un)officially say that summer is here. Summertime means big fish, good beer and plenty of cookouts. It’s a great excuse to eat up some of the meat that you spent all of last fall chasing and cutting up. One of my favorite summertime choices to grill is venison steak, which can be pretty tricky to grill due to the thin cut of some of the pieces. Follow these 5 tips on how to grill the perfect venison steak and your friends will be coming back for more over and over again at your next party.

Whether you cut up your own deer and elk or have a butcher do it, many times you’ll find that the steaks are cut an inch or less thick. This requires some TLC on the grill so as not to burn them to charcoal. Here are a few tips on how to make them medium to medium rare.

Rare Venison Steak

Venison can also be eaten rare or medium rare and tastes best that way just like beef does.

1. Cook it While it’s Cold

A lot of people and chefs will tell you that you should cook a beef steak at room temperature, but that’s not the case with a thin venison steak. Thick steaks take longer to cook and the thinner venison meat that does not have as much fat on it will go from rare to extremely tough, very fast. Keep the venison steaks cool so that the outside has time to char before it cooks the inside of the steak to nothing.

2. Better with Butter

There are plenty of steak houses and backyard chefs that know that adding butter can make a steak better, and venison is no exception. Feel free to brush a thin coat of butter on the steak before grilling it. This will make a nice crusty sear on the exterior of the meat.

3. Keep the Grill Hot

While some people cook with a two level heat set up on their grill, with venison steaks, keep it hot. The high, intense heat will be sure to sear the outside, and since the interior of the meat cooks rather quickly anyway, you’ll get that good crust on the meat.

4. Keep the Lid Off

When you’re cooking a thicker steak, leaving the lid off will help cook the interior of the meat. This is what you do not want to have happen when you are cooking thin cuts of meat. Leaving the lid off will ensure that the outside gets cooked while the interior stays medium rare and doesn’t over cook. Make sure that you watch the meat too so that it doesn’t get overdone.

5. Flip the Meat Once

Only flip the meat once throughout the cooking process. These thin steaks do not take very long to cook and you don’t need to flip multiple times to get them done. Let the steak sit over the burners or coals as long as possible and then flip it. This could take as little as two minutes. The internal temperature of the meat only needs to be 130 degrees when you pull it off. This entire cooking session can take less than five minutes.

Good luck becoming the master of your summer barbecues this year. What are your favorite recipes for venison?


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