Great Muskie Catch in Canada – User Submission

Amateur Muskie Angler Lands First Trophy Fish


This beast of a Muskie was the first Muskie ever caught by amateur angler, Aaron Schinke. 

Hailing from Oshkosh Wisconsin, Aaron Schinke is a good friend to us here at Morning Moss.  Not known as a fisherman, Aaron may be inclined to begin fishing more as he received far more Facebook Likes on this photo than his usual posts of average sunsets, blurry photos of his dog, or random vegetables from his garden.

On a week’s vacation to Canada, Schinke snagged this beauty near Vermillion Bay.  Although he appears to be super pissed off in this photo, we assume it is in an effort to look “badass,” and can only imagine that he must be very happy about his prize.

Make sure to send us your fishing trophy photos so that we can show you the world how awesome you are.

UPDATE (August 13th): Schinke’s making good use of his vacation time and got himself another one!


Eric Giroux

I grew up with a small 2-acre pond in my parents' backyard. I fish by tying fishing line, hook, and bait to an empty water bottle and tossing it out on the water. I then sit on the dock and drink beer and wait for the bottle to get dragged around by some catfish, and proceed to chase it around in the paddle boat.

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