A Good Reason Not to Trespass- VIDEO

A Good Reason Not to Trespass- VIDEO

If you’ve ever needed a good reason not to trespass, or a good booby trap idea for problem trespassers, then this is it. Apparently, this 73 year old man had been using this logging road in Pennsylvania for years and had been warned by the landowners not to use it. Well, we don’t think that he’ll do it again, especially after this paint trap soaked him and his gun. If only the trail cam was in color and not black and white…

Trespasser Hit with Paint Trap on Camera

This is probably one of the more inventive ways of warding off trespassers. The trespasser here says that he was never warned and had been using the logging road for many years. He also said that the paint ruined his clothes and gun. I don’t know the whole story, so it’s tough to give an opinion, but trespassing is definitely an issue.

Hopefully this will give others the motivation they need to stick to the right side of the line.

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