Giant WI Sturgeon Speared on Video

Giant WI Sturgeon Speared on Video

Sturgeon is big in Wisconsin, especially in the Fox Valley where Lake Winnebago and Poygan are located. Living in this area, I can see the tradition that this sport has and it’s pretty cool. To some, sturgeon spearing is as much or more fun than deer hunting and has a lot of the same themes. The guys in the video here sure had a good time and added a massive fish to their collection. Watch the sturgeon speared on video to “Spear Me a Sturgeon” by the outdoor sportsman comedy rap parady band Shad-Rapp that is off their 1996 album Double Barrel.

Giant Sturgeon Speared on Video

The big sturgeon that was speared on Lake Poygan in Wisconsin weighed in at 104 pounds and was 72 inches long. It was one of 46 fish that weighed over 100 pounds.

Read more about the 2015 Wisconsin sturgeon spearing season. 

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