Giant New Mexico Bull Shot- User Submission

New Mexico 6X6 Bull Shot

Sacramento Mountain Outfitters Elk

Sam Wiersma shot this big 6X6 bull elk with Sacramento Mountain Outfitters out of Cloudcroft, New Mexico. It is his first bull elk

Sacramento Mountain Outfitters Cloudcroft, NM

Sam shot this giant Idaho bull on his first ever elk hunt last week Sunday with Sacramento Mountain Outfitters in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. The bull was shot in unit 34 and while it hasn’t been scored yet, looks to be right around 300 inches. Sam was in the middle of about 60 head of elk that were all within 100 yards when he put his arrow right through the heart of this bull with a 30 yard shot. 

New Mexico Elk Shot with Sacramento Mountain Outfitters

Giant Bull Elk Shot in New Mexico

This big 6X6 bull elk was shot in Idaho on an archery hunt with Sacramento Mountain Outfitters

After shooting the elk, Sam and his guides watched it run about 25 yards before piling up. That morning they called in around 15 bulls, but it only took him three hours into his first day of a weeklong hunt to take his monster elk. The hunt is all on video and will be coming soon.

Elk Heart Shot

Sam was able to put an arrow right through this elk’s hear with his Mathews bow on his New Mexico archery hunt

Congrats to Sam and hopefully this is the first of many.

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