Giant 206-inch Iowa Whitetail Archery Kill Rumor

Possible World Record Iowa Buck Shot

The 2013 season has shown us some truly giant bucks, but one rumored to be taken in Iowa back in November may take the cake for the biggest of the year, or any year ever. Not much is known about this giant buck, but there are a few things that are rumored to be true. Here they are.

Giant Iowa Buck

This rumored giant Iowa buck could be the next world record taken by a bow

Giant 206-inch Iowa Whitetail Archery Kill Rumor

The photo above was posted publicly before November 19th and the person who published it said that the buck was rumored to be taken near the town of Frankvill in Winneshiek, County Iowa. Heartland Outdoors blogger, Tim Walmsley also shared that the buck was taken in Northeast Iowa. OutdoorLife reported that Scott Bestul of Field and Stream and Walmsley the buck measured a reported 206 inches. It’s unknown whether that is a gross or net score, but to unseat the current Pope and Young club typical archery record, the deer would have to score more than 204 4/8 inches. That buck, the current typical record, was taken in Peoria County, IL in 1965 by Mel Johnson.

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