Getting Youth Into Hunting

Getting Youth Into Hunting

Kids Hunting

There are ways to get children into hunting and it’s important for the future of our sport

These days it seems like younger kids would rather be sitting in front of a TV or computer screen rather than perched in a tree-stand. With people getting more and more discouraged by hunting every year, it can be tough to get the younger generation to see the bright side of hunting but there are some ways to get them in the woods.

Don’t Set High Expectations

One reason that many young hunters turn away from the sport is because they believe that only a monster trophy animal is a success and if they don’t see that, they get discouraged.┬áStart with small goals such as showing them the basics of hunting. Things such as helping set up trail cameras or helping with stand preparations will show them that hunting is a marathon and not a sprint. There is more to hunting than harvesting an animal every year.

Another thing that I have noticed is having the sport pushed on them too hard, thus making them feel obligated that they have to hunt. Let them fall in love with the sport on their own. Take them out with you to sit for a hunt or take them scouting. Just like anything else in life, we can’t force our children to love what we love. We can however make them feel comfortable and have them learn to love it on their own.

Kid Buck Kill

A happy hunter with a true trophy

When it comes to the off-season of hunting, nothing gets me more excited than shed hunting and deer shows. This is a good way to keep that fire burning and will show that there is more to deer hunting than just the fall seasons. Hearing others talk about deer hunting will help your kids learn new ways to get into hunting rather than just hearing it from their parents. Lets face it, the last thing a teen wants to hear is their parents telling them how to do something but coming from friends and others that are involved, can make it likely to stick.


Kids Will Learn to Love Hunting

Younger kids are the future of our sport and we need them. Together we can keep the hunting community thriving and the tradition of hunting can live on for years to come.

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