Getting the Most Out of Your Suppressor

There is always a sense of intrigue around firearms suppressors. Not many people are aware of how they can get the most out of their suppressor, but this article will help to rectify this.


But before we discuss tips to help you understand how you can get the most out of your suppressor, you should have an understanding of how exactly does a suppressor work.

First Things First, How Does a Suppressor Work?

Suppressors are the most commonly used tools for either a pistol caliber carbine or a home defense pistol, designed to muffle that “boom“ sound that is produced whenever anyone hits the trigger.


These tools suppress the muscle blast sound – something that is caused when gases start to escape rapidly at very high pressure. However, we have to point out that what a suppressor does not do is muffle the mechanical sounds of the gun when it is operated. As a result, you can still hear the sound of the click whenever you shoot with a gun, which won’t be much of a trouble for your hunting sessions.

Tips to Ensure You Get the Most Out of Your Suppressor

The following are a few tips that will keep your suppressor in top condition for as long as possible. Read on as we discuss them in greater detail below:

Ensure Proper Maintenance by Keeping Them Clean

The good news is that suppressors are mostly low maintenance, but considering their high cost, it is better to clean them periodically. You will find various kinds of models and makes of suppressors. Furthermore, how you clean your suppressor will differ according to what is shot through the suppressor.


For instance, if you use a suppressor on pistol cartridges or subsonic rifle rounds, you will get special tools to clean the suppressor, allowing you to clean and maintain that in internals easily. This will, of course, differ according to the kind of gun that you use.


That said, keep in mind that a suppressor will continue to work as a suppressor. So you may not notice the effects of a very dirty so pressure from a clean one. But in the long run, it won’t help you get the most out of these tools. And who does do not like it when they can keep their hunting gear newer for longer?

Protect Your Suppressor From Getting Overheated

The thing about shooting with a suppressor is that it doesn’t take many shots to get overheated.


You see, the gases are expelled into the baffles at a very high speed, which also makes them incredibly hot. So much so that you can fry a slice of bacon around the suppressor if you fire a few quick magazines of 5.56. No joke.


The idea here is to keep the suppressor cooler for longer to prolong their lives. The more you overheat the suppressor, the faster they will wear out. As a result, you should make sure you give your suppressor enough time to cool down between magazine changes.

Get Your Hands on an Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you exercise just a little bit of care and caution, you will be successful in keeping your suppressor’s internals brand-new.


We highly recommend ultrasonic cleaning for your suppresses since this method uses high-frequency soundwaves to agitate a liquid. This, in turn, produces a strong vibration that breaks up heavy fouling, enabling the liquid to penetrate to all the places you would otherwise not be able to get to with a standard cleaning brush.


Keep in mind that there are parts that should never be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner. A good rule to follow is to keep any components that have a finish out of the sonic bath.

Carefully Monitor Your Points of Impact Or POI

Whether or not you intend to shoot your gun with the suppressor mounted, you must always monitor the points of impact, which understandably will be different in a situation when you use a suppressor and when you don’t.


For this, you can zero the gun without the silencer, and then observe where the gun impacts when the silencer is mounted. We would also suggest keeping the silencer installed until you finish using it to avoid constantly checking whether or not your gun is still on.

Wrapping Up

So this is how you can ensure you get the most out of your suppressor. As you may have realized, the rules are easy to follow and if done routinely will keep your gear in top shape, allowing you to get the most out of your investment.

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