Getting Lucky with Slots: New Guide

Getting Lucky with Slots: New Guide



Slot machines are the most popular game types in both online and offline casinos. Their popularity is unrivalled, and they are available in the thousands online. With such widespread access and marketing, there is the constant question floating around of how to increase the chances of landing payouts.


Slot machines, whether traditional or modern, function on the principle of luck. This means that with every spin, the chances of landing a win are the same as those of the previous and next round. The results of each round are facilitated by random number generators. These programs consist of thousands of codes that are produced randomly to determine the result of each spin. Therefore, wins and losses are entirely coincidental events that cannot be changed.


This feature of slot gameplay makes them negative expectation games and give them some of the worst odds online. However, there are metrics you can pay attention to and give yourself better chances at exploiting every winning opportunity and walking away with a decent amount.


Establish Your Goal

Determine your goal before you begin spinning the reels in online slots. If you are looking for entertainment more than anything else, then you should approach slots with a fat wallet. This is because flashy pokies that are more focused on giving players a good time have long odds of granting payouts. Also, they have high wagering requirements when you play them with bonuses and promotions. If you are more concerned about your bankroll and how you can make it bigger, less entertaining titles is the way to go. Since they do not have much going for them visually, they have low stake limits and offer some of the best odds.


Understand the Gameplay Procedure


Slots have the most straightforward gameplay procedures among all casino games. The only requirements are the following: 


  •  Place your bets based on your budget


  •  Spinning the reels manually or use the autoplay option


  •  Waiting for a result


Even though the steps to complete the process may differ from one game to the other, they lie within the same basic concept. If you are new to slots, it is recommended to practice gameplay on free pokies. The demo versions include fun credits that serve the same function as actual cash. They facilitate the spinning of reels and can land payouts and bonus features like in the real deal. However, the winnings cannot be withdrawn. Once you have grasped the concept, proceed to launch the real money versions.


Choose Fixed Jackpot Slots


Progressive slot jackpots offer some of the most massive wins in online casinos with some prizes hiking higher than ten million pounds. However, even though they have the most lucrative bonuses, progressive slots have some of the lowest chances of providing winnings. Since millions of gamers are scrambling to win the same big prize, they have smaller chances of being landed. Fixed jackpots, on the other hand, do not change in size and the chances of winning them do not alter depending on the number of gamers that are playing.


Consider the RTP Rate



Even though the results of each slit spin are independent of those of any other, RTP rates give a vague idea of how a slot can be expected to pay. The Return to Player percentages of games is calculated over thousands of spins by observing how often the game pays. Therefore, slots with high RTP rates are open to theoretically granting high returns over long term gameplay. The best slots have RTP percentages over 97%, for example, Jack and the Beanstalk slot has 96.3%. Most of the slots with high RTP fall in the classic category. A handful of them is modern slots as well.


Check the Volatility


Volatility is another metric that tells gamblers about the behaviour of a slot machine. The variance of a game says how often the slot is likely to grant payouts. 


  •  High volatility: Slots with high volatility provide winnings rarely, but they are usually significant. 


  •  Low volatility: These slots, on the other hand, have frequent but small winnings. 


If you are working with a large budget, high variance slots are an ideal option since you have the funds to hang on even when bad runs strike. Small budgets, however, work best with low variance games.


Study the Paytable and Bonus Features


Slots differ in the winnings and bonuses they have. Before choosing the game to play, inspect the paytable section to see what you are likely to win if luck strikes. In some slots, the symbol combinations payouts are displayed according to the stakes. In others, they are definite amounts that are altered when being awarded. The number of bonus features should also come to play. The more the bonuses included, the better the chance of landing significant payouts. These bonuses can include free spins, multipliers, scatters, wilds, and mini-games.


Choose an Ideal Gaming Site


The gaming platform on which you play the game for real money also matters. Even if the slot has the best RTP rate, volatility, and bonuses, the winnings it offers mean nothing if they are collected on a rogue site. Playing in reliable casinos comes with the assurance that the winning odds have not been altered. Also, reputable sites ensure that any funds won in the game are available for withdrawal without any trouble.


Claim Casino Bonuses and Promotions



While playing on gaming sites, take up the bonuses that are offered as both a new and regular player. Most casino incentives are usually targeted at slot games in the form of cash and free spins. Even if they are open for use in other categories like table games, video poker, and live sets, slots typically have the highest clearance rates towards meeting wagering requirements. Read through the stipulated terms of each bonus before claiming them to avoid losing more than profiting from the freebies.




With slots, there is no way to increase the chances of luck and alter the odds of winning. The listed pointers, however, make the most of each opportunity that comes by and ensure that you end up with the best fit according to your needs and limits.



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