Get Out in the Woods, the Rut’s not Over Yet!

The Rut Isn’t Over Yet

rut give up

The rut can change in an instant, don’t give up yet.

Best Hunting Day of the Year

Tomorrow is November 7th, the day that many experts are predicting to be the peak of the rut in many states. This is the day that you can see some of the biggest, oldest bucks on their feet in the middle of the day. Why am I writing this? Because you need to get out and HUNT!

The Rut Is Not Over

If you still haven’t shot your buck yet, there is no need to get discouraged. While I know that it can be tough to go online and see many people with kill photos, go on a forum and see all these giants and even drive down the road and see a bunch of dead deer, there are still bucks out there to hunt. The rut is a marathon, not a sprint and some of the best days to shoot big bucks are still ahead of us.

Find Does!

Bucks right now are going to be either with a doe or looking for one, so you need to find those does. Does won’t change their patterns too much during the rut, so go to your go-to spots. Don’t be afraid to blow any bedding areas with the right wind, this is the time that you’ve been waiting all year for right?

Stick With the Plan

If you haven’t been seeing deer, do not abandon your plan. The hunting can switch in a day. It’s either hot or not and you can go from no deer to 10 in a matter of minutes. Don’t give up on your skills, your plan and you’re sure to start seeing some deer.

Stay Positive

Find the does, get in the woods and stay positive. You never know what you could see on a daily basis, but when you’re out there be ready for anything. Good luck and get out there!

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