Get Ready for Opening Day of Duck Season

Opening Day Duck Hunt Tips

duck hunt

Opening day of duck hunting season is the perfect time to bag your limit of birds

Somewhere, sometime, in the middle of a hot, humid summer and early fall, lies the promise of cool mornings, big or little water holes and the sound of waterfowl wings. This, is the opening day of duck season. Where the coffee is hot in a thermos, the dogs are wet and ramped up and you and your buddies are ready to pull out the shells for an exciting day. Waterfowlers have a hard time containing themselves when it comes to opening day of duck season and we want to make sure here at Morning Moss that you have your best opening day of duck season yet.

Plan Your Hunt

Hopefully you’ve been able to plan out your hunt and practice your calling, because you’re going to be needing it. Planning a great hunt includes practicing before-hand, knowing your spot and scouting the ducks. If you are hunting with a group, it’s always a good idea to know the strengths of your shooters, and the experience so that you can place them in the appropriate spots. Prepping your gun by cleaning it and making sure that it is in the correct working order is also an important task.

duck hunt opening day

Bag your limit of ducks on opening day

Hone Your Shooting Skills

Over the summer I’m sure you picked up your shotgun and shot a few clays, or at least worked the dog because you need to. Letting go the skills that you have is the first mistake that many duck hunters make, but you need to make sure that you can shoot all of the flying ducks on opening day. Having your pup in the proper condition and hunting mode is also important so your buddies don’t get mad when he’s running all over the place that morning.

Touch Up Equipment

If you use a boat, make sure that the paint and camo looks good, not only from the sides, but also from above. You are also going to need to keep your decoys looking good so that they can convince the winged animals that we love to shoot at so much to come in a little closer.

Get in the Hunting State of Mind

When the air turns crisp, I can’t help but start to want to get outside and get ready to hunt and you need to feel that way too. Get your mind set so that you can be sure to hit those ducks on opening morning and prep yourself for the long season ahead. You worked hard all year for this and you deserve it.

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