Geese Slaying Machines- User Submission

Geese Slaying Machines- User Submission

Geese Slayers

Ryan, Adam and Kyle were lucky enough to have a great morning shooting geese in Wisconsin

Four hours of sleep and dreadful hangovers from the night before didn’t stop these hunters from getting out and bagging some geese on a bright and crisp Wisconsin morning. Sitting over a combined cornfield in some standing corn, these goose hunters were able to score on several nice birds.

Wisconsin Goose Hunting

goose hunt

Ryan and Adam pose with some dead geese

goofy goose

Kyle was pretty happy that he shot these geese that morning

First Goose Hunt

While their photo skills are pretty strange to say the least, we can tell from the cigarette hanging out of Kyle’s mouth that he was in celebratory mode after shooting these canadian beauties.

first geese

These are the first geese that Ryan has ever killed.

Congratulations to the hunters and make sure to send us your hunting photos so we can add them to our hunting and fishing photo page. 

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PJ is the co-founder of and is an avid hunter and lover of all things outdoors.

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