Game of Inches Whitetail Deer Hunting Film

Game of Inches Whitetail Deer Hunting Film by Rockhouse Motion

Rockhouse Motion Deer Hunting Film

GAME OF INCHES from Rockhouse Motion on Vimeo.

Whitetail deer hunting has become a big deal in the United States and across North America. There are more people hunting now than ever before and the industry is booming. While hunting has increased, the ability to get public access has decreased. More and more hunters are pitted against each other with differing perspectives. The question remains, what are people really hunting for? Game of Inches produced by Rockhouse Motion looks at stories of hunters who give their perspective on the sport.

Game of Inches Film

Game of Inches is a whitetail deer hunting film that takes a trophy hunting bowhunter that is from Nebraska and a traditional party hunting rifle hunter from Ontario and puts them in a deer season in Kansas. Both of these men have very different perspectives on the sport and in this film, you’ll be able to see how this season in Kansas affects their views.

Deer Hunting Film

I highly recommend checking this out and maybe thinking about your own perspective on hunting and what it means to you. How do you treat other hunters and do you really have the experience in mind? Or are you looking for inches?

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