Fun Side Activities For Your Next Outdoor Trip

If you’re getting ready for your next outdoor adventure then you’re probably looking for fun activities to enjoy on your trip. We understand how hard it can be to try and narrow down what to do from the wide array of options available, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below is a compilation of some of the best activities that will help you reconnect with nature and turn your ordinary outdoor trip into an exhilarating adventure.

Open Water Swimming

There’s nothing like swimming in the open water to make you feel wild and free. If your upcoming trip happens to take place near a beach, chances are, you’re going to be channeling your inner child into this outdoor adventure.


Besides the unadulterated freedom you’ll feel as you float in the boundless water with nothing but the sky above you, swimming in the open seas can be good for your overall well-being. Salty water is proven to alleviate several mental health symptoms, improve many skin conditions, and provide a full-body workout.


With no sides or floor to bind you, open water swimming can be an equally challenging and rewarding experience; there’s nothing like the instant gratification you’ll feel when you look back at the beach after battling the waves to see how far you’ve come.


Very few legal things in life can give you the rush surfing does. The open waters and the offshore winds combined with the anticipation of the upcoming wave produce a surge of feel-good chemicals that flows through your body, giving you a natural high like no other. Can you see why surfing deserves the top spot on your trip’s itinerary?


Owing to the fact that Australia has some of the best, most renowned surfing waves in the world, we thought it’s best to get some golden tips from the pros there. As the more experienced people would tell you at any reliable surf shop Australia hosts, having the right gear is key to maximizing your surfing experience. Luckily, surfing doesn’t require that much equipment. As long as you have a solid surfboard, you’ll be able to enjoy the majestic waves.


There are several different types of surfboards, and the type of board you ride depends on your experience and surfing style. However, longer surfboards are usually highly recommended because they offer extra stability and support, and are typically easier to paddle. Even though the search for the perfect wave never ends, with a sturdy board and a positive attitude, the journey is always going to be incredibly fulfilling.


If you want a more peaceful connection with water, paddleboarding may be the perfect activity for you; it’s a great way to get some exercise while connecting with Mother Nature. It’s true that paddleboarding is a lot harder than it looks, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that it’s also just as calming and serene as it seems.


Not only is it an excellent core workout, but paddleboarding can also be a great meditative ritual that allows you to become one with your surroundings as you steadily float through the water. So, if you feel like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders, head to the nearest lake or slow-moving stream and go paddleboarding! Once you manage to find your balance, you’ll enter a meditative state where time stands still and your troubles fade away.


Besides, paddleboarding also has a relatively low learning curve, which makes it a perfect aquatic activity for people of all ages. So, whether you hop on your solo board or pair up, you’re guaranteed to be stripped of your emotional baggage and mental stress, at least temporarily.


When it comes to recreational outdoor activities, hiking is a classic. No matter where you go, you’re never too far away from a hiking trail, and whether you’re looking to clear your head and get out into nature, lose weight, or enjoy quality time with your friends and family, hiking delivers almost immediate rewards.


Unlike many sports and outdoor activities that have limited life spans for their participants, hiking is a low-impact exercise that you can enjoy long after your basketball-playing days are over. Even though, as you get older you may not climb up a hill as quickly or cover as many miles, you’ll still be able to enjoy hiking because you can always control its intensity and duration.


Be it into the woods, through the mountains, or even along the beach, at its most basic level, hiking is really just taking a long walk through nature. The most important thing to remember is that you need a comfortable pair of shoes, plenty of water, some snacks, and sun protection. Of course, a good companion can be an added bonus that will make your hiking experience much more enjoyable!

Horseback Riding

If you want to enjoy all the fun and the sense of exploration, hiking provides, but with a little bit less leg work, this is the perfect activity for you. Horseback riding is one of the best ways to experience the great outdoors because really, what can make you feel more connected to nature than exploring natural landscapes while literally straddling an animal?


Many people may shy away from horseback riding because they lack experience with horses, however, you’ll find the horseback rides for riders of all levels of experience. For beginners, there are plenty of guided trail rides that lead amateur riders through beautiful, scenic landscapes. As for more advanced riders, many ranches offer exciting options such as bareback riding along a beach.


One big advantage of going outside is getting out of the city and contemplating the night sky. Yes, it’s as simple as that! All you have to do is sit back and look up. When you’re in the middle of the wilderness where the night sky is free from light pollution, you can truly disconnect from everything tying you to the material world and lose yourself gazing at constellations, planets, and meteors. If you’re lucky, you may even get to make a wish upon a shooting star!


To fully connect with nature through a truly immersive experience, combine stargazing with camping, and you’ll have yourself an unforgettable trip. Camping is and has always been the go-to activity for all nature-lovers. It’s an incredibly exciting activity and an excellent choice for a family trip that allows you to experience the wonder of nature with your loved ones.


Camping also opens the door to numerous outdoor adventures such as hiking, swimming, stargazing, and fishing, but it also gives you the chance to do absolutely nothing! Once you have your tent set up, you can just sit back, relax, and watch the world go by.


By leaving your TV, computer, and video games at home, camping can give you a much-needed electronic detox that allows you to disconnect from the outside world and truly focus on recharging your own energy.


Surely, we can’t forget about campfire food. After all, no camping trip is complete without the classic recipes—s’mores, hot dogs, chips, burgers, etc. While your meals may not be the healthiest, camping gives you a good excuse to break the rules, so for the duration of your trip, you don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying your favorite comfort food.

Hot Air Ballooning

For many of us, going on an outdoor trip is all about taking in the beautiful scenery, and hot air balloons give you a breathtaking view that you can’t get any other way. By taking to the skies, a hot air balloon ride gives you a unique perspective of the landscape below without the impediment of the plane window glass between you and the sky.


Aside from the breathtaking view, the serenity and tranquility you’ll feel as you peacefully glide through the sky will replace your worries with bliss. This placid sensation will go on from the start of your journey until the very end, making riding a hot air balloon a worthy addition to any bucket list.

Rock Climbing

If you’re looking for a more physical and challenging outdoor experience, try your hand at rock climbing. But before you traverse the great outdoors, we strongly recommend that you try it out at an indoor climbing gym first, where you’ll have the benefit of padded floors and the help of experts standing by. This will help ensure that you really understand the challenges that come with rock climbing and avoid injuring yourself out there.


Rock climbing is another activity that boosts the body’s production of happy chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine, which can be more powerful than most stimulants out there. But be warned, because once you get a taste of the buzz, you might be hooked on climbing for life!


In addition to the thrill and excitement, rock climbing is also a form of full-body workout, which means that you’ll be getting the added benefit of strength, endurance, and flexibility training all in one activity while enjoying the beautiful natural landscapes.

Fly Fishing

What better motivation to encourage you to go outside than the prospect of a free dinner and a fun activity? Although we’ve mentioned a few different aquatic activities above, fly fishing gives you a totally different experience on the water. With a combination of concentration and good luck, your fly fishing experience can offer sustenance as well as solace.


When fishing, you’ll probably have to make your way up a creek or river, walking against the currents, casting your rod as you go. As you make your way upstream, you’ll witness parts of nature that only fly fishing can show you. Just imagine the view of the mountains rising up above you, as you stand in the middle of the creek, watching the birds soar over your head as they make their way downstream. Doesn’t this sound magical?


Whether you’re fishing alone or with friends, fly fishing will take you on an emotional roller coaster that’s exciting, frustrating, satisfying, and overall, tremendously fun. It can offer you a great chance to get out on your own and enjoy the solitude in the quiet, untouched wilderness, or it can be an engaging social activity that you can bond over with your pals.


If you’re lucky enough to experience it, that moment when you feel the line tense beneath your fingers as a fish gets hooked on your fly will provide you with an immensely rewarding sensation that never gets old.


For many, the arrival of winter signals the end of all outdoor trips, but when winter comes and that blanket of fresh-fallen snow covers the earth, it actually opens up a whole new world of activities. Winter sports, especially skiing, offer a thrilling and immersive experience that’s ideal for anyone looking for a fun outdoor activity in the winter.


Think about it; skiing gives you a spectacular experience of the beautiful scenery, and when everything is said and done, you can cozy up by the fire clutching a cup of warm cocoa. Doesn’t it sound incredibly tempting?


Whether you go alone or with friends or family, being out in the fresh mountain air will allow you to release the built-up stress of your busy life as you fly down the snow-covered mountains.


There’s nothing like the tranquility you’ll experience while standing on top of a mountain, taking in the amazing winter wonderland before you as you breathe in the crisp, pure mountain air and feel the refreshing cold on your skin. This moment right before you launch your way down the mountain is more than enough to recharge your batteries and keep you coming back for more.


When you’re planning your outdoor trip, it can be difficult to know where to start. From hiking and surfing to stargazing and fishing, the previous suggestions can help you create an epic itinerary for your next trip and amplify your fun with the addition of some of these exhilarating activities. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll be combining the serenity of nature with the thrill of heading to the great outdoors. Now what are you waiting for? The great outdoors is calling!

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