Frozen Pond 9 Pointer- User Submission

Frozen Pond 9 Pointer- User Submission

Sam Wiersma 9 Pointer

Sam Wiersma shot this 9-pointer after scouting and hunting the buck all year. The big Wisconsin 9 pointer scored over 153 inches.

Sam had been hunting this deer all season before he finally connected last week Wednesday night. He had passed up many other nice bucks for the chance at this huge 9 pointer and finally got a shot at it. When the buck came into his shooting lane and he shot, he knew that he had hit it a touch back so he decided to leave it over night. While there was good blood at the hit location, he wanted to make sure that he didn’t bump the deer.

Big Wisconsin Rut Buck

Wisconsin Bucks

Sam found the buck dead in this frozen pond after tracking it for almost 300 yards and over 5 hours.

The next morning, Sam set out to look for his buck at 7:15 a.m. He had good blood for a while before the deer entered a large marsh and then it sporadically got less and less. Soon, he was looking for pin drops of blood along with his Mom and wife. Long story short, after 5 hours of searching, they ended up finding the buck in a small pond in the marsh, frozen solid with the water. The temperature dropped a lot over night and froze the water, so the buck was frozen into the water. As you can see from the photo, the buck was in the middle of the pond.

After finding the deer, the long day of tracking was far from over. Sam brought out a Ranger to try to get it out and ended up getting that stuck. Luckily a tractor was able to pull the Ranger and the deer out of the marsh, with the help of some very long chains. In the end, it was about a ten hour day of searching for the buck and getting it out of the marsh.

I think that we all can say that this deer was worth the trouble. The big 9 pointer taped out at over 153 inches and is his biggest archery killed buck to date. Congratulations Sam and hopefully you can add another one soon.

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