FITS Socks Review

FITS Socks Review

FITS Socks Review

FITS socks are awesome wool socks for hiking, hunting and fishing.

Wool socks are a staple in my wardrobe. I’ve got quite the collection. Some for hunting, some for fishing and a lot for everyday wear. None of them are as comfortable or as nice as the FITS brand. FITS socks are incredible. They are cushioned, soft and are made with the finest merino wool from New Zealand. Check out the full FITS socks review and their website here.

FITS Upland Socks

FITS Upland Socks Review

The FITS Socks Upland socks are great hunting socks for hiking and stalking.

Fits Upland socks were the first pair that I got to test out. The first thing I noticed were how soft they were and tight on my feet. I put them on with boots and went for a hike and they didn’t slip or rub at all. The mid-weight cushioning was padded enough to keep me comfortable and warm.

FITS Socks Review

Walking in these was no sweat… literally. The socks wicked the moisture away from my feet and kept me very warm. The FITS Upland crew socks come with the patented Full Contact FIT that ensure the socks hug your feet all day and this worked to perfection.

FITS Wader OTC Socks

FITS Wader Socks Review

The Wader OTC socks from FITS are perfect for under your waders and will never bunch up.

FITS Wader OTC socks are the perfect socks for under your waders. They wick away sweat as fast as you can pump it out, which is common under hot waders. The FITS patented deep heel pocket secures the sock firmly in place and eliminates bunching and blisters that could come as a result.

FITS Wader Socks Review

The fit of the FITS Wader OTC is tight so you will feel reinforced under the water. The socks reinforce the achilles area to combat the wear and tear in the high friction area of the waders. The socks even have an elastic lay-in all throughout the sock, including the calf region, so that they’ll never sag down your leg.

FITS Socks Review

If you’re looking for some quality socks for upland hunting, hiking and putting on under your waders, then FITS socks are where it’s at. These affordable socks are perfect and the wool won’t stick or wear out like regular cotton.

FITS Wool Socks Review

Check out the full product line up at the FITs socks website.
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