The Enlightened Outdoorsman: Fishing Techniques for Any Water Body

Fishing Techniques for Any Water Body

Here in the Midwest and across most of the country, you’re bound to find plenty of fishing enthusiasts who are obsessed with catching the largest fish they can. Joshua Jorgensen is no different. Josh grew up in Windsor Ontario fishing the Great Lakes and has since moved on to fishing some of the biggest fish on the planet. In the video below Josh shows off some of those Great Lake fishing skills he’s perfected and puts a new spin on them for fishing and in the ocean and on streams.

While we don’t have thousand pound sharks here in the inland U.S. we do have giant fish and the tips that you’ll find in these videos are sure to help you catch your biggest fish yet.

Be sure to refresh the page on the site to check out all of the videos from Josh, there are three total and all provide some great information that will help you have a successful day on the water.

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