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FishBrain App Review

The FishBrain app allows anglers to share their spots and collect data to help predict where the bite is going to be good next.

Apps are extremely handy. You can do almost anything on your phone now and having the apps can make your life easier or at least more entertaining. I’m always looking for cool hunting and fishing apps and recently, I’ve found a few that really seem to be onto something. One of these is the FishBrain app that compiles anglers various variables and puts them into a network to figure out where the bite is hot and what people are catching. This fishing app for your phone is a “social network” of fishermen that can theoretically predict where fish will be biting.

The FishBrain app collects data from over 600,000 registered users, of these, 450,000 are in the United States. The information that is collected is put into their “FishBrain Forecast.” Users can upload pictures of fish that they catch, put in what species, bait used, fishing method and location of where it was caught (also GPS is used). The app pulls the location automatically and the different weather variables in that location. This past week the app was relaunched and is better than ever and has already recorded over 225,000 catches around the world.

If you are an angler who likes to keep your information close to the chest, you can still use the app as a time suck to look at neat fishing photos. There is a lot of information on different lakes, rivers and streams and you can follow other anglers who may be near you or have good info. Basically, you can turn it into an Instagram for fishing pictures.

The algorithm that’s used to do the FishBrain Forecast is very intriguing. It uses solar tables that predict the movement of fish and bites. We’ve talked about the moon phases and the deer rut before here and it’s very similar with fishing. The forecast can help predict the best days of the month and times to fish depending on your location and the weather. Now, you can get all this info right on your phone!

FishBrain App

FishBrain automatically collects this information. If you don’t want people to steal all your spots, then you can set your location to private.

“The new FishBrain Forecast is a genuinely revolutionary tool for anglers: Never before has there been such a simple and accessible way to maximize the potential success of a fishing trip. We are excited to be able to offer an updated alternative to the solunar calendar theory, which is over 90 years old,” says FishBrain CEO Johan Attby.

I think this is a cool idea and could be a revolutionary technology factor into fishing. In my opinion, hunting and fishing apps have been lagging and this one is definitely something to check out. It’s available for both IOS and Android. 

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