Fighting Squirrel Bow Mount

Fighting Squirrel Bow Mount

Fighting Squirrel Bow Mount

The Fighting Squirrel Bow Mount is a nice little tool to get hunting clips right on your cell phone by taking video on your bow

Have you ever wished that you could record yourself putting an arrow through¬†the buck of your dreams? If only there was a hands free device that you could attach right to your bow and capture every second, well now there is. With the Fighting Squirrel bow mount you can now record yourself with your smart phone and you’ll save a ton of money by not having to purchase expensive video equipment by utilizing what’s already in your pocket.

Smart Phone Bow Mount

smart phone bow mount

The Fighting Squirrel Bow Mount is a smart phone bow mount for filming your hunts

This product looks pretty awesome and I think it is a great idea for hunters out there who are interested in recording hunts but don’t feel like shelling out a bunch of cash for a camera.¬†From what it sounds like, you can fit just about any smart phone on to the attachment and it will fit almost every bow, but I could see some issues with traditional archery equipment. For those who hunt with crossbows there is not a model out yet but it looks like one is in the works, so we’re sure that we’ll have more information coming on that.

This nifty little tool is priced at $49.99, so it’s not going to break the bank, but it will show you some nice little clips of killing deer that you can easily upload to your favorite social media channels.You can get the Fighting Squirrel Bow Mount here.

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