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Fatheadz Black Nitro Sunglasses Review

fatheadz nitro review

Fatheadz sunglasses are some of the best sunglasses for people that need a little extra space in their frames.

Fisherman are known for their “fishing stories” or “fish tales”, if you will. In the vast majority of these stories the size of the fish tends to be.. let’s say… exaggerated. As an avid fisherman, I, of course, have perhaps bloated the size of the fish I’ve caught. One thing that I thought I could almost NEVER exaggerate, though, is the size of my head. It is large. Very large.

Sunglasses for Large Heads

As a large headed fisherman I find myself needing to buy certain products to help my fish more comfortably. One example would be a hat. MY ginormous melon doesn’t generally fit in the ‘one-size-fits-all’ caps that you find at most tackle shops, so of course I buy adjustable instead. Simple enough. Unfortunately, this method does not work for all of my needs.

Large Framed Polarized Sunglasses

Recently I started a search for some polarized sunglasses that actually kind of fit my face properly. I’m no Brad Pitt, but I wanted them to look at least half-way decent on my face while having great polarized lenses (I fish for muskies so this is a MUST). After searching through store after store pinching my giant head into what was probably hundreds of different glasses, I nearly gave up.

Fatheadz Black Nitro Sunglasses Review

I decided to search online one last time to see if there was something I was missing.. and that’s when I came across Fatheadz. No, not the life-size wall sticker cut out company, Fatheadz eyewear. As you can probably guess, they specialize in making eyewear for people with fat heads, or ‘oversized eyewear’ as they put it.  To my delight they also had polarized lenses.

Polarized Sunglasses for Big Guys

I went through the simple process of ordering a pair of the Black Nitro sunglasses. All black of course. I was a little worried since this isn’t their widest pair of glasses but my vanity got the best of me so I ordered the best looking pair. The pair came in a nice, large hard shell case AND a carrying bag the doubles as a cleaner. Nice touch.

The glasses seem well put together, sturdy. As stylish as I hoped. But would they fit? I’ll be damned if they didn’t slide on my face like the butter that made my head so fat in the first place. I couldn’t believe it. They may even be slightly larger than I need. First time I’ve ever had that problem in my life.

With criteria #1 fulfilled I still needed to test the polarization of the lenses. I promptly hit the lake to see how the lenses performed. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. I tried them on and compared them with my much more expensive and ill-fitting Costas and I couldn’t tell the difference.

So, my thick skulled, fat faced brethren. If you find yourself struggling to get a pair of glasses that fit your rotund face. Look no further. Fatheadz has you covered (comfortably). You can buy your own pair right here. 

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