Fall 2013 Real Tree Collection- Herschel Bags

Herschel Supply Co. 2013 Fall Real Tree Collection

Realtree Camo Bags

Herschel Supply Co. offers Realtree Camo Bags

Hunters and outdoorsman love camo. Whether it’s on your truck or in your house, we all want to have the latest and greatest in camo outdoor gear. Recently, the rest of the world caught on to how stylish and sexy camo is and even urban dwellers are rocking camouflage. Herschel Supply Co. who makes some of the most stylish bags on the planet recently launched their 2013 Fall lineup and it includes a Real Tree Collection. Take a look at these stylish accessories that any hunter (or hunter’s significant other) are sure to love. There is even a camo iPad carrying case.

Camo Bags and Accessories

camo bags

Herschel Supply CO. offers camo bags and backpacks

Camo Backpack

Camo Backpack

Herschel Camo Backpack



Camo Duffel Bag

Camo Duffel Bag

Camo Duffel Bag from Herschel Supply Co.

Camo iPad Case

Camo IPad Case

Camo iPad Case from Herschel Supply Co.


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