Extreme Beam OSR 800 Headlamp Review

Extreme Beam OSR-800 Headlamp Review

Extreme Beam OSR800 Reveiw

This Extreme Beam OSR-800 Review lays out some awesome specs of the brightest, adjustable headlight on the market

Extreme Beam OSR-800 Headlight

Hunters, fisherman, hikers, outdoorsman (and women) in general at some point always find themselves outside in the dark. Whether you’re out there on purpose or not, nobody is going to argue that it helps to be able to see where you’re going. That’s where light comes in. I don’t know many people who participate in outdoor activities that don’t own some sort of flashlight or headlamp and the Extreme Beam OSR 800 Headlamp is one of the best. Recently, I got the chance to check this headlamp out and it’s safe to say that it’s the only one I’ll be using for a while. Buy the OSR-800 on Extreme Beam’s website here.  

Light, Bright, Adjustable Headlight

Xtreme Beam OSR800

Hunting, fishing, hiking and anything outdoors can be much easier with the help of the Extreme Beam OSR-800

The Extreme Beam OSR-800 Headlamp is one of the world’s brightest focusable headlights. This thing is extremely bright and you can focus it so that the light is very spread out, great for getting to your tree stand, or focused, perfect for gutting a deer or elk. The beam reaches 550 feet, which is probably a lot more than you need, but awesome to have in case of an emergency. I think that if you’re on a boat on a lake and need a bright light or are in an emergency, this headlamp could literally be, a lifesaver.

Hunting & Fishing Headlight

Hunting Headlight

This headlight would make gutting and tracking down a deer, elk or any other animal a breeze. It is extremely bright and lightweight.

The OSR-800 is the perfect headlamp for hiking and accessing new territory. I’ve found that when hunting in the woods, it’s easy to get turned around, and having a bright headlight would be a great accessory. Anyone who needs a reliable, high-performance headlight should definitely check out the Extreme Beam OSR-800.

Best Headlamp for Hiking

While most of the time, hunters and fisherman can get to and from where they’re going without a bright light, it’s nice to have when you need it. Kind of like four wheel drive right guys? I use a headlamp to find things in a backpack in my tree-stand, adjust bows and get up and down a tree safely. Most importantly, gutting and skinning out a deer is much easier with a bright light.

Buy the Extreme Beam OSR-800

You can buy the Extreme Beam OSR-800 for only $29.95. It comes with a headband and three AAA batteries that last 24 hours or more in hiking mode. Best of all, this thing is incredibly light-weight and adjustable.

You can buy the Extreme Beam right here on their site or on Amazon here. 






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