Examples of How Technology is Changing Hunting

Examples of How Technology is Changing Hunting

Over the decades, the ancient and controversial sport of hunting has drastically changed, especially in terms of the technology that is used. There are many different gadgets that have come into existence, which improve the success rate of the sport, as well as the safety and overall experience. For example, GPS trackers and units make it easier to make your way around the playing field, while improvements in gun manufacturing increase the accuracy, functionality, and precision of the firearms themselves. You can also use drones and trail cameras to scope out prospective sites and capture video footage and photographs. There are mixed reviews on whether these changes in technology are for the good, but no matter what, technology has influenced hunting and here are 5 examples of how they have changed the sport.

Gun Manufacturing

In the past, hunters used to use a bow and arrow to hunt, which eventually lead on to shotguns, which have a limited number of cartridges. There have been many technological advances when it comes to gun manufacturing. Nowadays, hunters have the privilege to carry around high-velocity caliber rifles, as well as lightweight power scopes and synthetic stocks. This improves the range and search capabilities, plus the accuracy over a distance and the number of successful shots is enhanced. Modern weapons are easier to carry and pack, which is perfect for long-distance hunting trips.

Firearm Accessories

The accessories that are now available for firearms has drastically changed the hunting game. These days, you can actually design your gun to meet your specific requirements once you find the special parts and features you want. For example, if you hunt during the night, you are putting yourself at more risk and it is much harder to find your target, but if you attach a night vision system to your day scope, then you will have the ability to see and record everything you look at. You can also get yourself a waterproof rangefinder, which makes it easier to shoot from a long distance.

Transportation Methods

One of the most restrictive components of hunting is the method of transport. Most of the time, the perfect hunting hotspots are in hard to reach areas and when you have equipment to carry around, getting yourself to these areas will not be easy. However, these days this doesn’t have to be an issue. There are many transportation methods that have been developed, like ebikes made specifically for off road riding, which make it a lot easier to get to places with your equipment in all kinds of weather conditions.

Smartphone Apps

There is a smartphone app for everything, including hunting. You can use them to keep you aware of the ideal times to hunt, to track the exact locations you have visited, and to record observations, just to name a few. If you want to know when the optimum hunting times are anywhere in the world, then there are apps available that inform you of the perfect time of day to hunt, the activity and feeding times of particular animals and when the sun rises and sets. You can also use apps that have interactive calls to draw out animals, which is easier than carrying around duck or turkey call.

The technology available to us doesn’t only improve our success rate during hunting season, but they also improve our safety, comfort, and understanding. When the technology is used correctly, your whole experience has the opportunity to improve, as well as your skill as a hunter. Just remember to always be safe during the hunt and to make sure you fully understand the rules and regulations of the land you hunt on.

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