Endless Sun Solar Apollo 6 Charger Review

Endless Sun Solar Apollo 6 Charger Review


Endless Sun Solar Charger Review

The Apollo 6 charger from Endless Sun Solar is a great addition to your pack or hunting gear when you want to keep your electronics going full force.

Being out in the field on a several day hunt, hike or outdoor expedition can pose some issues if you’re worried about losing power. In cases like these (and many more) we recommend getting a high-quality solar charger, like the Apollo 6 charger from Endless Sun Solar.

Portable, Lightweight Solar Charger

Apollo 6 Solar Charger Review

Weighing in at only 8.8 ounces, the Apollo 6 solar charger is very lightweight, flexible and folds up.

The Endless Sun Solar Apollo 6 Charger is lightweight and flexible. It has holes in the top and bottom so that it can easily be clipped on to a backpack, tree or fence. It folds up quickly and doesn’t take up much space, it’s about an inch thick and about the size of a small book.

Endless Sun Solar Charger Review

Sun Solar Charger Review

The USB port on the Apollo 6 can charge your device directly, or you can use the power pack to charge later.

This solar charger is a USB charger that uses CIGS solar cells. Unlike glass cells (this product has no glass) CIGS works better in shaded conditions and if there is sunlight, you’ll get a charge. The entire device weighs only 8.8 ounces and won’t add much extra weight to your pack. The cells are also completely sealed so you will not have to worry about any bad weather, since this charger will work in them all.

Endless Sun Solar Apollo 6

  • The Gear: Endless Sun Solar Apollo 6 solar charger
  • Price: $125
  • Where to test it?: Woods, waters, mountains or anywhere with sun
  • Who’s it for?: Backpackers, Hikers, Bikers, Hunters, Fisherman or any Outdoorsman.
  • Where to Buy?: Amazon, Endless Solar Sun website

Apollo 6 Charger Review

Sun Solar Cells Apollo 6

The solar cells on the Apollo 6 charger are flexible and are not made of glass. They can handle all weather conditions.

When testing this charger, I hung it on the outside of an ice shack while fishing. The sun charged my phone completely all day and we even ran a radio off of it. You can also charge the power pack up and then charge your device later that night. With this charger, your smartphone, tablet or any other electronic device will easily work so long as you can get a USB cable for it.

This charger is great when you are biking, hiking, hunting and want to keep your device charged up or just hanging out on the beach. All day duck hunts, fishing trips and more allow you to keep your phone or radio charged up without worrying about it.

Sun Solar Charger

Portable Solar Charger

Having a portable solar charger is extremely handy for hunters and outdoorsman who need a boost in the field.

The Apollo 6 Charger from Endless Sun Solar comes with a power pack, charging USB cable and of course the cell pack in camouflage, which we loved.

Endless Sun Solar Reviews

You can purchase the Endless Sun Solar Apollo 6 charger on Amazon here or on the Endless Sun Solar website. 

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Apollo 6 charger for free from Endless Sun Solar as coordinated by Outdoor PR  in consideration for review publication.


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