Easton Axis Arrows: Product Review

Easton Axis Arrows

Easton Axis

The Easton Axis arrow review comes in positive because of it’s straight flight and deep penetration

If you are looking for an arrow that delivers great penetration as well as great speed then you should look no further than the Easton Axis Arrows. The Easton Axis is an arrow that will appeal to hunters no matter what game you are targeting due to it’s fantastic performance in both large and smaller animals. Thanks to a small diameter, hidden insert technology, and the N-fused carbon nanotube you can be sure that whatever you hit, you’re going to get deep penetration and a straight flight. 

I have shot Easton Axis arrows for the past six years and I am more than pleased with their durability. The hidden insert is a feature that is great for keeping broad-heads and practice tips from not coming unscrewed after multiple shots into foam targets. This insert also keeps the arrow’s diameter smaller and that is the real secret of the Easton Axis arrows.

Easton Axis Arrow Review

A small diameter arrow will penetrate deeper than a standard size arrow and will also make the arrow stronger. Easton built their arrows out of a thicker wall that reduces the surface area of the arrow, making it faster and stronger. I have had the same dozen Easton Axis arrows for several years and I believe that the small diameter penetrates deeper from my experience using these arrows. The smaller diameter is also a solution for the much debated speed vs penetration issue for bow hunters.

Easton Axis Review

The Easton Axis Arrow is a great arrow for bowhunters who are hunting any game

The Axis is available in many different weights and lengths to fit any hunter. Easton offers this arrow for $64.99 per 6 and there are many happy customer reviews. You can purchase these arrows at Cabelas here and see the Easton Axis Arrow reviews as well.

If you match this arrow with a good shape broad head you can be sure that many more lethal shots will be delivered when the opportunities presents itself. Let us know how you feel about the Easton Axis Arrow Review and other product reviews on hunting accessories. 

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