Don’t Let Damp Boots or Gloves Cut Your Hunt Short

DryGuy Force Dry DX Review

dryguy force dry dx review

Boot dryers are essential pieces of equipment to stay out longer and more often. The DryGuy Force Dry DX is one of the best.

Being a good hunter, fisherman or outdoor enthusiast means that you’re going to experience all kinds of different weather. While we’d rather it didn’t get wet and cold sometimes, there is no avoiding it, which is why we’ve found solutions to keep you out in the field. Wet boots, waders, gloves, helmets, hats and any other essential gear you have can cut your time short on a hunt and we want to help you avoid that. For times when you need to dry out quickly, the DryGuy Force Dry DX is the dryer for you.

Hunting Boot Dryer Review

Whether you’re hiking, camping, duck hunting, deer hunting, skiing or fishing, this dryer has it all. There are several attachments for boots, waders, helmets and more. You can even put sweaty ski boots or cleats on it after a sporting session to quickly dry out your shoes and remove odors.

DryGuy Boot Dryer Review

The Force Dry DX blows forced air gently through the machine and heats up to 105 degrees. Thankfully, this will not warp plastic or rubber so your boots will be fine with this too. It’s really great to take sweaty waders off during duck season and add the wader attachment to dry them off for an afternoon hunt. It keeps them comfortable and way less smelly.

Force Dry DX Review

While many boot dryers take a long time to dry out your gear, this dryer only takes about an hour, depending on wetness. There is a timer on it for three hours if you want to set that, and you can use heat or no heat on the forced air. It even comes with a one year warranty.

Wader Dryer Review

We love the DryGuy Force Dry DX dryer for all kinds of different uses but boots and waders are definitely our top picks. You can purchase this dryer here for $80.

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