Deer Walks Right Up to Firing Gun & Licks Barrel- VIDEO

Deer Walks Right Up to Firing Gun & Licks Barrel- VIDEO

Just like there are dumb people in life, there are dumb animals. Let’s hope that this fawn grows up to be smarter than what it is right now. The deer in this video is not at all scared of a rifle firing just a few feet away, and it even decided to get a little “taste” of the gun… literally. Click through to see this deer lick a rifle barrel.

Deer Licks Gun Barrel on Video

The guys in this video showed that some animals are not scared of guns and this deer is one of them. I’ve never had a deer hang around after that many shots, but I can’t say that I’m surprised that there are dumb animals out there. If there weren’t how would some of the dumb red necks that you see on the tv show COPS that go out hunting ever shoot anything?

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