Deer Plays Dead, Scares Sh*t Out of Hunter- VIDEO

Deer Plays Dead, Scares Sh*t Out of Hunter- VIDEO

You’ve seen plenty of hunting shows where the hunter takes down an animal and then pokes it with a gun to make sure that it’s dead right? Well, most of the time, the animal never moves, but there’s always that chance that it could hop up. In this case it did and it makes for some pretty funny material. The hunter was definitely not expecting this deer to jump when poked. Fast forward to :59 seconds in to see where the action starts. 

Deer Jumps Up When Hunter Thought It Was Dead

As you can see this deer scared the shit out of this hunter. I’m not really sure why he didn’t have his gun ready, but I’ll be he will next time. Have you ever had this happen to you when you’ve shot an animal?

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PJ Cashman

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