Coyote Bullseye- User Submission

WI Hunter Kills Coyote Chasing Fawn

Coyote AR 15

The coyote was shot with an AR-15 in South Central Wisconsin

This hunter submitted his photos after he shot this coyote last night in a very interesting way. He set up at his spot with his caller and as soon as he sat down and looked up, before the caller was even turned on, he saw a coyote chasing a fawn. The fawn ran directly to him and he dropped the coyote at 60 yards. The coyote was shot just before dark in South Central Wisconsin and was taken with an AR-15 and one shot.

Coyote Hunter

This lucky hunter bagged a coyote chasing a fawn with his AR-15 in Wisconsin

He was in the stand less than ten seconds, with no caller turned on and he was able to cash in on his first coyote of the season. Sometimes luck is all you really need. Congrats!

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