Costa Conch Sunglass Review

Costa Conch Sunglass Review

Costa Conch Sunglasses

The Costa Conch Sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty and are built by hand to withstand many years of wear while providing 100% UV protection. Plus, they look cool

The classic look of aviators meets the undeniable performance of polarized sunglasses with the Costa Conch from Costa Del Mar. With plenty of different lens options,  Costa Conch sunglasses offer the right protection for your eyes, with the performance to see far and underwater that Costa Del Mar has a reputation for offering. The lenses go beyond polarized to actually enhance your vision and they can even be had in prescriptions. Check out the rest of this Costa Conch Sunglass review to find your next pair of polarized sunglasses for on the water this summer.

The Costa Conch sunglasses offer a comfortable, large fit for bigger heads, but also come in sizes for small and average people as well. The stainless steel integral hinge will stand up to years of wear and the frames are both scratch and impact resistant. Every pair comes with a hard case to store them in so that they will be protected.

Conch Sunglass Review

The Conch sunglasses by Costa del Mar come in a variety of lenses and colors to personalize.

Costa Del Mar Conch Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lenses are a necessity for the water and if you’re doing any sort of fishing, you need them to get the fish beneath the surface. The 1005% polarization of these Conch sunglasses will help reduce eye strain and block all UV light. Every pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses is built by hand and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Polarized Costa Del Mar Fishing Glasses

You can get the Costa Del Mar Conch sunglasses here on their website. They start at $199 and come in both plastic and glass lenses. We suggest opting for the glass for the better sight, but the plastic is cheaper.


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